Seller's Swastikas Killed The Deal

Home Selling MistakesI've encountered some colorful people along both sides of the real estate aisle.  What amazes me most are the things that sellers do (sometimes unknowingly) to kill a potential sale.  Ode to dreadful seller mistakes!

In my early years of showing property, I witnessed a 950-pound pig giving birth to 9 piglets in one of the bedrooms of a beautiful log home.  What the heck was the seller thinking?! Seriously, there was a giant barn outside that could've housed Charlotte's web and a host of other fine characters.

Another occasion, I had a seller answer the door in his skivvies.  He was ticked that we arrived 10 minutes early for an 11am showing.  So, he sat down in his recliner (still in his skivvies) and proceeded to drop the F-bomb throughout the entire showing.  When we got outside, I told my Pastor client that I found him a new parishioner for his church.  We both had a good laugh.

While showing a rural property,  I stumbled upon a newly trenched 20ft hole in the backyard, where it was quite evident that everything but the kitchen sink had been thrown into.  Strangely, at the end of the day, my Buyers wanted to go back for a second showing. When we arrived, we found a heap of old tires added to the pile in flames.  Did I mention the bloody tarp hanging from a lean-to shed?!  Needless to say, we decided not to hang around long enough to question the seller about 'things.'

A recent showing proved to be most offensive.  The seller was present during the showing, which added a layer of discomfort for my buyers.  As we made our way to view two shops, we noticed a swastika symbol custom painted on the back of a chair.  Then another swastika sticker proudly displayed on a wall.  Then a whole room of swastika memorabilia.   

When I contacted the listing agent to offer feedback, I asked a pointed question... "Is your seller a Nazi lover?"   His response proved telling... "Realtor/Client privilege."  What the seller didn't know was my buyer's family were German immigrants, and while they liked the home and property, they were totally repulsed by what they saw.  The seller's swastikas killed the deal before the digital ink could even hit the page.  Ode to dreadful seller mistakes!


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Seller's Swastikas Killed The Deal
I've encountered some colorful people along both sides of the real estate aisle. What amazes me most are the things that sellers do (sometimes unknowingly) to kill a potential sale. Ode to dreadful seller mistakes! In my early years of… more
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