Naked New Beginnings!

Happy Naked New Beginnings!Something Old, Something New.  I'm not exactly sure where this phrase originated, although I know it's become a tradition of sorts for new beginnings.  As we embark on adventurous plans for the new year, it's important to get naked about our personal shortcomings and professional failures of 2011.  Forging ahead in 2012 without properly purging ourselves of our past misgivings and/or misfortunes could be a recipe for future disappointment.  Here's to getting rid of something old!

Something Old... I've spent the past month considering my personal and professional disappointments of 2011.  Some were easy to remedy while others were difficult to face.  Embracing them provides some valuable lessons for a brighter future. Many of my professional failures were a result of over-promising and under-delivering on expectations.  While my intentions were good, it became apparent that many of my efforts were more often met with inevitable disappointment.  It's simply impossible to give 110% of your time and energy to several projects without spreading yourself too thin.  I'm guilty as charged and it's something I hope to change in 2012.  Here's to embracing something new!

Something New... I don't usually subscribe to New Year's Resolutions.  Although, I do make a conscious effort to continually reshape my life plan and embrace new beginnings.  That said, here's a list of goals or 'something new' that I'm committed to practicing more of in 2012:

  • Create more opportunities for personal contact with my SOI, family and friends
  • Make better dietary choices for optimum health... limit sweets (this one is going to be tough!)
  • Challenge myself to more arduous work-outs that push me beyond my limits
  • Increase my charitable giving... even when it financially pinches my pocketbook
  • Love more... forgive plenty
  • Replenish my spirit by doing things I love that feed my soul
  • Inspire others and be inspired

My Naked New Beginnings started today with a healthy breakfast, an intense workout, a confession of my failures, a declaration of my goals, and ended with a few calls to some fabulous friends.  With every new tomorrow, may 2012 be an opportunity for each one of us to purge something old from our lives and embrace something new!  

Happy Naked New Beginnings Everyone! 


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Naked New Beginnings!
Something Old, Something New. I'm not exactly sure where this phrase originated, although I know it's become a tradition of sorts for new beginnings. As we embark on adventurous plans for the new year, it's important to get naked about our… more