Swearing Like a Sailor... Who Me?

Swearing Like a Sailor - Mel PetersonI'm Swearing Like a Sailor.... Who Me?  I was tired, I was frustrated, I was impatient, and I just couldn't take it anymore...

Yesterday, I was preparing myself for the mental challenge of sitting down and tackling my taxes.  I have an office full of agents with a ton of expenses, so it's never quick or easy to just file and go.  There are a gazillion other things I'd rather be doing than spending my weekend sifting through receipts and paperwork.  But, I got my Mojo on and hunkered down for the task.

When I opened my new laptop, purchased last summer and only used once, I couldn't remember the sign-on password.  I tried everything.  Minutes turned into hours... then I Googled 'How to recover Windows 7 password.'  Up popped a host of sites and a very cool tutorial that was easy to follow.  I thought... hey, I can do this! 

After carefully reading the narrator's steps, I downloaded a funky named code-cracking program, Ophcrack, to disc and tried to boot up... no such luck.  After several attempts, I did the F2 thingy (keep in mind... I'm a girly girl who knows nothing about techy thingies) to change the boot directory, which was successful.  Then I did the F12 thingy and whoa... the disc started downloading and up popped my user name.  I was stoked (and quietly proud), but then after one hour, still no password.  Now, I'm swearing like a friggin' sailor!

I gave up the ghost last night... and I'm back at it again today (like a dog on a bone or a woman on a mission).  I swear I can do this!  I'm trying a new program, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, that claims to delete the Windows password all together so you can start fresh with a new password.  Lesson #1 here for those of you who have stayed with me this far... WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORDS and PUT THEM IN A SAFE PLACE so you'll remember!  

Swearing Like a Sailor... Who Me? ~ Mel Peterson  


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I'm Swearing Like a Sailor… Who Me? I was tired, I was frustrated, I was impatient, and I just couldn't take it anymore… Yesterday, I was preparing myself for the mental challenge of sitting down and tackling my taxes. I have an… more
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