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Alex and Ellie Suarex - LA Marathon - March 17, 2013The Comeback Kid.  Yesterday was the 28th Annual Los Angeles Marathon.  The 26-mile course stretched from Dodger Stadium through the streets of Los Angeles to the finish line on Ocean Blvd in Santa Monica, CA.  Upwards of twenty-six (26K) thousand runners competed in the days event.  My son-in-law, Alex Suarez, was one of them. 

Alex trained for several months before the event so he could be in the best possible physical shape to run along side the other marathoners.  This kid guy is a stud muffin!  After battling cancer a few years ago, getting the Swine Flu last year, and having been recently diagnosed with epilepsy... Alex is definitely The Comeback Kid!  

What a glorious day it was... with his own private cheering section lining the streets of LA with homemade posters, Alex finished the race in less than three and a half hours (unofficial time).  Nothing speaks volumes more than this picture of his sweet little daughter (my grand-daughter Ellie) holding the most precious sign for her daddy to see... 'Your Dad is Smiling in Heaven.' 

Alex lost his dad  ten years ago to Hodgkins Lymphoma and March 17th  was his birthday!  So yesterday's race was one of personal triumph over tragedy for The Comeback Kid. 

Congratulations Alex... you're surrounded by family and friends who think you're pretty special.  We love you and we're so very proud of you!


Alex Suarez - LA Marathon - March 17, 2013

Alex is on the far left (blue shirt) holding up his fingers in the peace sign ;-)

Alex Suarez - LA Marathon - March 17, 2013

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