Remembering Coach Charlie

Rene Fabre - First American Title - Kent, WAI rarely re-blog anything... but every now and then I stumble upon greatness that blows me away.  Rene Fabre' is one of my favorite bloggers in the Rain, and his reflective posts represent some of the best story-telling I've read in a long time.  Seriously, this man should be writing for a living!

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One morning back in 2011 I was enjoying a morning coffee on the deck at my condo and thinking about how far I’ve come with my training. I’m first to admit it was a long and sometimes arduous journey. I certainly had my moments and there were times I felt like a total failure and an idiot. On more than a few occasions I wanted to pack it in, “I’m bailing, I’m done.”

Reminiscing today with all of it behind me now, I give myself a couple of ‘attaboys’. I hung in there, I’m no quitter and I made some real life progress. Yet, I’m well aware the credit was mostly due to my coach.

Charlie is one of the most amazing experts of human behavior I have ever encountered. His training, based on the profound understanding of a very simple premise: "With a clear purpose, relentless commitment to the plan, and never losing site of the intended outcome, you can accomplish anything."

Being in and of the world is everything to Coach Charlie. Like all of us, he has his likes and dislikes, yet rarely have I ever seen him go off in a cranky mood or dwell on the negative. But don’t get me wrong, he’s not shy to let you know exactly what he’s thinking. Even he could get a little cranky once in awhile.

Charlie was never about lengthy conversation. To him action always trumped talk. "Just do it!", that’s his mantra. I remember a few sessions back in the beginning, Coach Charlie went to great lengths to demonstrate an important lesson. We butted heads, he paced and strutted, he even yelled at me a few times. I was so slow to grasp the point. I was stuck in that place where I needed all kinds of explanation.

Unlike me the coach is a master of balance. Charlie is so keenly aware that engagement is everything, yet it's absolutely crucial to know when to disengage and let it rest awhile. All good things in due time. Method rules in his world, yet he's not ‘regimented’, nor a prisoner of it, quite the opposite. Coach Charlie keeps himself quite fit and alert by setting time aside each and every day for contemplation, naps, adventure, study, meditation, and he never misses an opportunity for the simple pleasures in life like a good meal or some real affection. In fact, he demands it.

He has that Zen childlike quality for being in the absolute moment. I aspire to be more like that but I think about things too much. His genius is the ability to dance between the daily framework he manifested to carry out his purpose and remain flexible and spontaneous. The process doesn't rule him and I truly admire that.

His dedication to me and my education is beyond moving. In fact, I thought he would have given up on me long ago, I'm such a slow learner.

Coach Charlie taught me many things. You can move mountains if you just get up everyday with a clear purpose and work the plan.

Well, there you have it! I miss my coach at times, yet I’m happy to report he lives with a wonderful family on a nice big property. I’ve had but a few cats in my life and that was many years ago. I’m a dog kind of guy and I was very skeptical about our original rooming arrangements.


Coach Charlie sitting on my condo deck.

Preamble after the fact: Charlie was my daughter Shannon’s cat. Life changed as it does and Charlie needed a place to stay so of course Dad took him on. Charlie stayed with me for about a year.

I’ve had so many wonderful belly laughs remembering our times together. I so get it now, he was so totally dedicated to my training. Charlie will always have a special place in my heart. He took me on, never gave up one me, and taught me a lot about life.

I’m forever grateful.

Thanks coach!

"Where there's conversation, there's opportunity."

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