Old MacDonald & The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Women for Women International - Melinda Peterson

Old MacDonald & The Gift That Keeps on Giving!  In my previous post, I hoped Santa was Cool with me x-naying the whole commercial gift-giving thing this year.  But that was then, and this is now.  There's something tugging at my heart strings today... and I just have to buy it!

Over the years, I have financially supported many charitable organizations locally and abroad.  One in particular, that is close to my heart is Women for Women InternationalTheir mission is to help women survivors of war rebuild their lives.  Many of these women have survived severe abuses including mutilated limbs, repeated rape, and watching helplessly while  family members were murdered in war-torn parts of the world like Afghanistan, Bosnia, the Congo, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sudan.  

You may be asking yourself... how can I help someone so far away?  Here's how... donate an animal!    

Women for Women International - Melinda PetersonChicks - $3 for $15.  These little chickies represent serious business.  In Nigeria, there's a new poultry initiative that will provide hundreds of women with a lifeline to a steady income.  Baby chicks are raised to produce eggs that can be sold at the market to support families of women in the W4W program.

Rabbit - $15.  These bunnies offer a marketable, income-generating skill to women in many countries.  In Nigeria and the DR Congo, women handmake their own rabbit hutches and sell the animals at market for a healthy profit.  Now, that's a hoppy skill!

Women for Women International - Melinda PetersonGoat - $50.  The sound of a goat braying is sweet, and so is its milk.  These furry friends represent income, self-sufficiency and a better future for some women and their families.  In Afghanistan, goats that are raised for milk and cheese can feed a family for months.

Pig - $75.  W4W's animal husbandry program helps women in Africa regain their footing to take the next step toward financial stability.  Pigs are raised for meat and sold at market for some real bacon.  Now, that's something to squeal about! 

Women for Women International - Melinda PetersonCow - $100.  In Sudan and other countries, the ownership of cows is a symbol of prosperity.  These versatile animals graze fields, produce milk and meat and go for a heffer price.  Show me the moo-ney!  

If you've always dreamed of playing Old MacDonald... and you have some discretionary income to spend before the end of the year, this is your chance to buy some farm animals without all the eieio ;) 

Will you consider making a Hoe, Hoe, Hoe donation today?  I did.  


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