Regurgitated Rah Rah. It's what I like to call...

Regurgitated Rah RahRegurgitated Rah Rah.  It's what I like to call... the same ole, same ole.  Just another marketing system/program repackaged with a different name and face.  You know who they are in our business... Brian Buffini's "It's a Good Life."  Tom Ferry's "Scripts."  Gary Keller's "Millionaire Agent."  They all have a rah rah pitch about something great, but are they really saying anything new?

While dining with a Realtor/friend tonight in Grants Pass, I found myself chuckling at the state of our real estate business past and present.  Having been a Realtor for 11+ years, I've seen a lot of 'get-rich-quick' schemes come and go.  With the advent of the Internet, technology has certainly re-charted the course of our business.  But are the systems/programs being pushed today any different from the systems or programs of yesterday?  Or, are they simply regurgitated rah rah, neatly presented on a more attractive and palatable plate?

At the risk of sounding skeptical and/or offending some of my dedicated colleagues who subscribe to these programs, please know that I have nothing against any of the nice folks mentioned above, and/or the programs they promote, nor am I against trying something new.  I'm a lover and seeker of new information and technology.  If something can improve my world, I'll latch on with a big bite.  Now, getting back to dinner....

Our conversation quickly jumped from the real estate world to dieting.  Is there anything new or different in that arena?  Similiarly, there are lots of dieting programs (regurgitated rah rah) promising unbelievable slimming results in 14 days or less.  Hhhhmmmm, really?  Is it the program/system that works so well, or is it the individual who applies a deliberate and dedicated effort toward a goal?  Dieting is about disciplining your body to eat less and move more.  You can slice it or dice it anyway you want, but it's simply regurgitated rah rah taking on a different shape.  If you've ever dieted, you know that 'get-thin-quick' programs are rarely successful.  Dieting requires hard work, effort, discipline and diligence.  When you fall off the wagon (and everyone does) you get back on.  

Getting back to real estate... Perhaps we should apply some dieting principles to our business.  Focus on showing up diligently every day, work hard, pound the pavement, make a concerted effort, be disciplined, use a 'system/program' (if necessary) and never give up!  That's the stuff that equals success.  One of my favorite quotes:  The only place that Success comes before Work is in the Dictionary. 

If you're thinking that the last paragraph falls into the 'regurgitated rah rah' category... the difference is... I'm not trying to sell you anything here =)


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Regurgitated Rah Rah. It's what I like to call…
Regurgitated Rah Rah. It's what I like to call… the same ole, same ole. Just another marketing system/program repackaged with a different name and face. You know who they are in our business… Brian Buffini's "It's a Good Life. " … more
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