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Write More Love Letters.  This day was like any other day.  I started my 11-hour road trip to Southern California to see my beloved family.  For some, it's a boring drive along Interstate 5.  For me, it's always an adventure.

I notice things as I drive.  I see blue skies with white patchy clouds.  I see towering green pine trees that reach toward the heavens.  I see critters running across the road, as if they dare me to swerve to miss them. 

Sometimes, I laugh out loud by what I see.  Something stood out more than anything this day.  I saw a hand-painted sign along a lonely stretch of Interstate 5 in the middle of nowhere that read... 'Write More Love Letters.'

Simple, yet profound words  that caught my attention.  My little secret, for those avid Naked Blogger readers, I'm doing just that!  Unlike typical real estate blogs, my blog is (by design) a continuous, heartfelt love letter written to my family and friends. 

My reason for writing more love letters... When I've taken my last breath, there shall be nothing more to say.  All of my totally heartfelt (crazy) thoughts will have been expressed right here for every blessed soul to read.  How lovely will that be to know that you were so important to me?!

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Write More Love Letters. This day was like any other day. I started my 11-hour road trip to Southern California to see my beloved family. For some, it's a boring drive along Interstate 5. For me, it's always an adventure. I notice things… more
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