Cooking For a Holy Man

I had the pleasure of visiting with a friend this week, who's husband recently passed away.  We enjoyed a cup of tea as she shared some personal stories about their life together.  Some of it was good, and some of it was not so good.

She recalled one particular day when her husband kept asking; 'What's for lunch?'  He was pacing the floor, jingling the change in his pocket, and impatiently groaning about his hunger pains.  She was tired and annoyed, and the last thing she wanted to do was slave away in the kitchen... but she did.

As she warmed his soup, she began to feel angry.  Why can't he fix his own lunch, she thought?  Doesn't he realize I'm tired from working long hours?  Is he helpless?  Then the thought occurred to her (this is the part I call a real zinger)... 'What if I was cooking for a holy man?  Would I respond differently?' 

In that very moment, her thoughts caused her to change her attitude toward her husband.  That's a wow!  It was an ah-ha moment, and a powerful example of how our thoughts have the potential to change our behavior (and perhaps those around us).  

The next time I encounter an impatient, difficult, and/or moody person, I'm going to imagine cooking for a holy man (or woman)... and smile.  Would it change your attitude?  I know it would mine.


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